About Us


David and Charla met at a salsa dance club in Long Beach, California. After discovering that they have a ridiculous amount of likes and experiences in common, they started spending more time together. In fact, since they had both come off of previous relationship experiences, things were quite slow at first. Yes, she asked him out. Twice. However, he asked her to dance, and even dragged her into a dance class.

Charla is a high school teacher and professional photographer. She began her teaching career teaching Spanish and now brings photography to the next generation of high school students. She is also following her other passion as a professional wedding and portrait photographer since 2007. Her portfolio is available here.

David by day works in marketing and web development. His portfolio is available here. He has published articles in several media outlets and loves good writing. How does one learn to write, you ask? His answer: Get a pen and a piece of paper, and open a vein.

“So there’s that.”

David and Charla launched this blog to share cooking, travel, home projects, kid-friendly activities and our local community in Long Beach. “So there’s that” is a favorite expression of theirs to express the silver lining of a given situation. Much like the start of their own relationship.

After a hiatus during much of 2016, they are back looking for new adventures and planning a wedding. And those new adventures? 2016 taught that just as many can be found right at home, at work, in the midst of everyday life.

Barcelona | April 2014

Barcelona | April 2014