Travel Europe

Europe calls us again and again. Yes, there are other places around the world to see, however travel in Europe beckons in ways unlike any other place. But rather than go to do the usual touristy thing, go to see what it really is about. Ask questions, read the newspapers, write what you see and hear and smell and feel in your journal. See Europe through the eyes of someone who lives there or someone who watches and appreciates European life.

The whole continent of Europe is changing fast. It is evolving so quickly that its own inhabitants and leaders sometimes cannot even keep up. Much like, in fact, our own country. That may be reason enough to visit.

Café con leche. Madrid.

There are few sights more welcome, while jetlagged, than a freshly made café con leche in a tiny bar in Madrid. Sugar is strictly optional.

The streets of Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona hold a special place for me. It was there seven years ago that I discovered my love for photography…when a friend lent me his DSLR to shoot with for the first time. I always say it was love at first click! I…read more

Amor en Barcelona

David recently shared an article with me and I could not agree more with the 12 Things Spaniards Get Right That Americans Get Wrong.  I had to laugh when I read #2 because it is so true and something that struck me since the first time I…read more

Coffee is always a good idea


When in Spain: Tapas, Pintxos, and You

Tapas are what makes eating out in Spain pure magic. They are well known in the United States with a growing list of restaurants offering tapas on their menus. But where tapas in the U.S. may be little more than overpriced appetizers on small plates,…read more

Eiffel Tower | By Night

Paris’ lovely Eiffel Tower has a rich history well-documented elsewhere – as 21 million Google search results can attest. It has been painted, sketched, chalked, and depicted in so many ways that you forget how it takes your breath away the first time you see…read more

Eiffel Tower | By Day

In the same way that people act and look differently between day and night, so too is the Eiffel Tower different in daytime. However, daylight’s Eiffel Tower is not like your workplace on, say, a Tuesday morning: serious, efficient, practical. Rather, the sunlight between springtime…read more

San Sebastián | A Day in the Life

Here’s the funny thing that Americans need to know about Europe: it’s not Disneyland. It’s not some faraway, fantasy place that is just so, well, unrealistic. More than a few Americans I’ve known have seen Europe and then returned to their homes in the U.S….read more

Catalonia, Spain: Now what?

At summer’s end of 2014, the voters in Scotland soundly rejected a proposal to split off from the United Kingdom and become their own country. Barely a week before that vote, polls showed the “yes” vote – in favor of separation – opening an unexpected…read more

Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boqueria, Barcelona

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria lies in the heart of Barcelona, next to the Rambla, a major pedestrian street that is central to the city’s identity. “La Boqueria” is a traditional marketplace. It existed before supermarkets, before Trader Joes, before car-focused suburbs….read more