A Backyard Birthday Bash

With all the fun additions to my backyard recently, it was only fitting to host a celebration. And the timing could not have been more perfect since David’s 45th birthday was approaching. This was a bit of a first for us…as it would be the…read more

Impromptu Backyard Dinner with Friends: The Farewell Tour

Last month Charla and I met Claudia, an Italian urban planning professor who visited a San Diego university a few years ago. She was described to us as “very Italian: warm, generous, and loved to throw parties.” It turns out that during her stay in…read more

The most wonderful time of year for… Holiday Photos!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are safely behind us, here just one week into December, so you are legally permitted to play Christmas music if that is your thing. It is the most wonderful time of year, they say, and in fact it is a wonderful time…read more

Charla’s 40th Birthday Celebration

“I don’t really like sweets,” Charla said. “You can just skip the birthday cake.” She skillfully ignored my disbelieving look and started talking about Spanish food again. Really? No cake with candles? Not even cupcakes? Cookies? Flan? She was unimpressed. I had a problem. Charla’s…read more

The Simple Kitchen: Valentines Day at Home

What do you do on Valentine’s Day? Go out to dinner and wait for an hour behind a dozen Valentines couples? Go on a first date and bask in the awkwardness? Lament (or revel) in your singlehood? Have a party with a big group of…read more

Engaged on the Urban Wine Trail | Santa Barbara Getaway

It all started with the wine tasting. Downtown Santa Barbara is full of wineries and tasting rooms, which we tried to work through even though it was close to closing time. Most of the tasting rooms were closing by 6pm, but we arrived at 5:30…read more

Carl + Jane | Grand Teton Wedding Elopement

This is the final in the series “Four Days in Yellowstone“. After what seemed like an endless drive, we turned off the main two-lane highway onto a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. We nearly missed the sign that said “Schwabacher Landing”, the place…read more