At some point, we realized that both of us love to travel. Actually we figured that out in the first few minutes since we met. Traveling to other places, other cultures and other countries opens our eyes to so many new experiences and gives us an understanding of just how big the human experience really is.

No, that is not a cliché. It’s really true. Whoever we are, whatever country or city or neighborhood we live in, we are just one part of the human experience. There are few experiences like travel that can show us that experience and make us face our own selves at the same time.

The Santa Barbara Courthouse | Reviving Southern Spain in the center of town

We stood in the dusty courtyard of Santa Barbara’s Casa de la Guerra, newly engaged. I looked across the street at the gorgeous white building, constructed in the famous style of white adobe with Mediterranean red roof tiles featured on most every building in downtown…read more