So There’s That Series: Four Days in Yellowstone

Our series “Four Days in Yellowstone” takes us through rich and stunning images. Over these four days we experienced deer, bison, geysers, all of nature’s beauty in the company of our good friends Carl and Jane. We were blessed with the happy and emotional adventure of Carl and Jane’s wedding. Just them – literally, like an elopement.

Read on upcoming installments of this series for tips about how to bring your family, your friends or just yourself to experience Yellowstone National Park, this remarkable slice of nature that has been preserved forever.

Four Days In Yellowstone

This is the first in a five part series. “Do you realize,” Charla said, “that we are standing on a &@%*! volcano?” We were surrounded by an expanse of pine forests, green meadows and mountains dotted with lakes and rivers, and yet we could more

Day 1 in Yellowstone: A deer in the headlights is not a metaphor

This is the second installment in our series "Four Days in Yellowstone" Carl and Jane had rented a Ford Expedition, a beast of a vehicle to drive around Yellowstone National Park. By the time our plane landed and we had eaten a dinner of more

Day 2 in Yellowstone: Geysers! Bison! Bears! Oh my!

This is the third installment in our series “Four Days in Yellowstone”   When I threw open the hotel room curtains, the sunlight poured in and the sight took my breath away. Rows and rows of pine trees stood at attention in all directions, tall, more

Day 3 in Yellowstone: We take on the Tetons

  Part of the series "Four Days in Yellowstone" on So There's more

Carl + Jane | Grand Teton Wedding Elopement

This is the final in the series "Four Days in Yellowstone". After what seemed like an endless drive, we turned off the main two-lane highway onto a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. We nearly missed the sign that said “Schwabacher Landing”, the more