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A Backyard Birthday Bash

Written by and Photography by Charla in Celebrations, Wine & Dine

With all the fun additions to my backyard recently, it was only fitting to host a celebration. And the timing could not have been more perfect since David’s 45th birthday was approaching. This was a bit of a first for us…as it would be the first time we would mix our family, friends, & coworkers in one social setting. Both David & I love hosting and bringing people together from all walks of life. We had a blast of a night…and I can only hope our guests did too. Looking…read more

Eiffel Tower | By Day

Written by and Photography by Charla in Travel

In the same way that people act and look differently between day and night, so too is the Eiffel Tower different in daytime. However, daylight’s Eiffel Tower is not like your workplace on, say, a Tuesday morning: serious, efficient, practical. Rather, the sunlight between springtime rain clouds revealed the Tower as perhaps it was intended at the 1889 Paris World’s Fair: full of whimsy, optimism, a little silliness, contrasted against the stern sobriety of the office skyscrapers in La Défense. Yes, many Parisians of 1889 didn’t care for it. And…read more

Eiffel Tower | By Night

Written by and Photography by Charla in Travel

Paris’ lovely Eiffel Tower has a rich history well-documented elsewhere – as 21 million Google search results can attest. It has been painted, sketched, chalked, and depicted in so many ways that you forget how it takes your breath away the first time you see it out the bus, train or taxi window as you arrive into the city. It is not every day that as travelers from California we find ourselves in Paris standing under the glowing lights of the Tower at sunset. The same way that you take…read more

Amor en Barcelona

Written by and Photography by Charla in Travel

David recently shared an article with me and I could not agree more with the 12 Things Spaniards Get Right That Americans Get Wrong.  I had to laugh when I read #2 because it is so true and something that struck me since the first time I stepped on Spanish soil 17 years ago… PDA is A-OK. In other words, Spaniards are quite comfortable with their sexuality. They can be seen holding hands, embracing and even kissing in broad daylight (oh my goodness!). Next time you feel like giving your loved one…read more

The streets of Barcelona

Written by and Photography by Charla in Travel

The streets of Barcelona hold a special place for me. It was there seven years ago that I discovered my love for photography…when a friend lent me his DSLR to shoot with for the first time. I always say it was love at first click! I had always had an affection for capturing moments and was an avid memory keeper, collecting dozens of photo albums over the years. But shooting with a DSLR for the first time proved to be the missing link. It was a moment when I realized I should…read more