Day Fifteen

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“You need to be writing more! Look at this!” Charla said and pointed at comments on her photography blog. I had written a guest post and people replied that it made them cry or think deeply. One woman wrote her own story in a mini-post right there.

This is how So There’s That was born.

“I don’t know, really?” I said. Writing never came easy to me, just as it does not come easy to anyone. The worst part is getting started. While some writers fear the tyranny of the blank page, I am busy finding more urgent things to do. There are always other things to do. Once I get into it, the writing flows more and I manage to censor the critical voice in everyone’s head that says, “No, you can’t.”

Thirty Days of Us evolves daily. Each day is its own theme about us, about a marriage, about personal histories that led us here. Today’s theme is “accountability”. I work best when someone on my team is pushing me, if there is someone or some ideal that I do not want to disappoint.

One day in the fifth grade, I turned in a book report and that night my teacher Mrs. Spellman called my mom. She thought that I copied from somewhere else and she wanted to give me a failing grade. She was one of my favorite teachers; I did write it myself and learned about accountability – even if I forgot the lesson many times afterward.

So There’s That is our team effort where Writer and Photographer tell a bigger story and hold each other to it. It has not been easy to publish consistently with life’s more urgent and less desirable pressures getting in the way. And yet it is our creative project I am most proud of.

This past year was excessive in life’s pressures and I am looking forward to seeing less of that. That day may not come soon, but the push for the next story, the accountability we have to each other, leads me to pick up my pen open up my laptop. Penmanship? That’s another story.