Day Fourteen

Written by in Celebrations

Charla and I texted back and forth while I was at work, I think, and she was on a European trip with a group of her students.

“This trip has really helped me mellow out,” she texted.

I was, at the time, stressing out at work. So I texted her something like,

“bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh stress bleh bleh bleh!”

Later, she responded, “Love you!” Ahhh, I happily sighed to myself.

Daily routine is what gets in the way when we are busy enjoying or planning to enjoy our adventures and creative projects. Real life gets in the way all too often – and even so, we give each other support.

Even with a full list of things to do, I find fun and hilarity every place I can. Like two days ago when Charla texted me, “Good morning! Call me on Facetime Audio.”

I found the Facetime button, but I didn’t see a button for audio.

“Aaaaaack!!!!!” she cried when she popped up on my phone screen, wrapped in a towel having just stepped out of the shower.

“Sorry! Couldn’t find the audio button!” Only the puppy and I were there to witness. After all, at that moment I was busy playing with him and chasing him around the house. That’s the kind of routine I can work with.