Day Nineteen

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While I love the photo, it probably wasn’t Charla’s favorite moment. I am guessing this because she does not like to be cold. Or in the rain. Which would explain the bit about Seattle, as in wanting to live in a warmer climate.

It would also explain her grumpy, glowering image and narrowed eyes in the this photo. It is cloudy, after all, and probably rainy. The skies are as gray as the water surrounding the boat she is standing on.

Actually there is just one narrowed eye because the other eye is covered by a turquoise scarf wrapped around her head and covering the side of her face. The effect cause the words “Greek goddess” to pop into my head. I was far more entertained by that notion than she was.

Perhaps being on a ship off the coast of Athens has a powerful effect, or maybe I just missed her after being away for a few weeks.

My Greek goddess called me from JFK airport, returning from Greece, as I was driving to the jewelry store. It was the same store in Long Beach where her engagement ring just about leaped out of the display case and landed in her hand. She jumped up and down from excitement.

I sent her some photos of a few wedding rings that I picked out for me, but I didn’t tell her which one I liked the most.

During the first few months after we started dating, we had the hilarious and annoying habit of dressing the same without planning it. It was uncanny. In October I knocked on her door to go out to the pumpkin patch, and she came out wearing the same Robin-Hood-green-shirt that I was wearing.

After looking at the rings from JFK airport, she texted back, “The first one is my fave.” Mine too, it turns out.