Day Twenty-Eight

Written by in Celebrations

The text came into the my phone today from Carl, my best man, with a link to a Youtube video with the cheesy 1980s song “The Final Countdown”. Pretty hilarious.

The jewelers called today and said that my wedding ring was ready to pick up. I am about to send a final message to the guitarist and confirm his playlist for the ceremony and reception.

I’m getting plenty of hugs from my friends and colleagues at my work conference just before I slip out early and head to the airport. For the millionth time, I check the weather. Again. 50% chance of morning showers; possibility of sun through clouds in the afternoon.

I hesitantly breathe a sigh of relief. It’s all getting closer, though I’m still running through my head all things left to do.

A long-time friend today asked me about the details of the wedding. Then, I showed her pictures of us. “You’re blushing!” she said. “You’re a blushing groom!”

“No I’m not!” I said.

“You’re blushing more.”

It was true; I felt my smile and allowed it to just happen.