Day Twenty

Written by in Celebrations

“I’m glad you’re back home,” I told Charla at 3am last night. She turned the light off, pulled my arm over her and tried to fall asleep. Three hours earlier she had walked off her 24-hour-late plane from Europe and staggered toward the baggage claim.

Ever since the first years of our relationship I would often prevent myself from falling asleep and wait for her to sleep first. Trying to stay awake as long as possible – this is not a good idea on a school night – I would marvel at her peaceful breathing and also at the miracle that brought our relationship to life.

It all had started when I walked up to her at a salsa club, waiting for the music to start. This was just one of many miracles between us – whether the goofiness of wearing the same color clothes without planning or the mysterious miracle that pushed us into a dusty courtyard in Santa Barbara where we decided to get married.

Except for one time a month ago, we haven’t danced in salsa clubs for quite a while. We both miss it, however life has its way of pushing its own priorities to the forefront.

Last night at 2am, we listened to some salsa tunes to get an idea of a first dance for wedding. In ten days. It may be time to practice at some point. By 3:10am, one or both of us still hadn’t fallen asleep. I never know for sure. Every day is different and every 3am, whether I notice her restful sleep or her reading on her phone, is its own new miracle.