Day Two

Written by in Celebrations

I wandered up and down 2nd Street, exhausted.
Fresh off a plane from a three-day work conference
I just wanted to go to bed. Really. And yet

And yet I agreed to meet her for a quick bite of dinner
She was sympathetic at my excuses for being tired. She was just
getting dinner, you see, with a few of her girlfriends
and would it be okay if I met them?

Open Sesame, I learned later, is one of her favorite restaurants
for many reasons but most for the garlic sauce. Seriously,
it is pure garlic, made into a sauce. That’s it, like, just garlic. A sauce.

I stumbled up the street and almost walked past her
She was on the phone with someone else
She quickly hung up and we sat in the terrace outside while
her friends chatted me up.
Politely, of course.

While I was technically still tired from my trip we went into the
second or third bar after dinner with these girls. Was it close to midnight?

Someone may have taken a video of us as we kissed in the middle of
the club while noisy partiers ignored us. Surely that video doesn’t
exist anymore. I was telling myself, this is good. So this is what it’s like to get close to someone. It actually works. Hopefully she’s forgotten by now that she asked me out twice before I emerged from my shell.

I may or may not have made a rude gesture to someone who took a video of us kissing, that night. But I do remember the rest.