The End of the Beginning

Written by in Celebrations

Today is Day 30. The rain came and went. There are more clouds than sky, however the presence of some blue sky is a promising sign.

Last night, an epic gathering of two families and multiple friends scattered across two hotels, a few bars and restaurants, two fire pits and a hilarious game of cards delayed the publication of today’s entry but made for great visits.

Now I am hovering and pacing in my best man’s hotel room, waiting to get into the shower and be ready for the photographer. On this day, the thirtieth day of Thirty Days of Us is our wedding day. It was just like I planned it with this series, however I learned a lot more on the way. Just like life and just like a marriage. Getting dressed now. Can’t wait to see my bride and take her hand in front of our world and under the skies, whatever color it is.

Con amor para siempre, David