Once you go to Spain, you’ll leave a part of yourself behind. There is so much to do, so much to cover, photograph, write about and talk about, that no one blog can possibly cover it all. Nor can any one visit. No less than Anthony Bourdain, the super chef/author/TV personality/culinary rockstar has opined that “outside of Asia, Spain is the single greatest place for culinary achievement in the world.” We are going again, just to be sure.

And the coffee? The café con leche? It was the very first post on this blog and will likely be the very first thing I do as soon as the plane lands in Madrid.

Memories of paellas past

What is the trick to a good paella? Persistence. Other techniques come in handy and we will revisit them here periodically. I have many Spanish friends who taught me their own tricks for the proper paella. Some work and others do not. In any case…read more

Café con leche. Madrid.

There are few sights more welcome, while jetlagged, than a freshly made café con leche in a tiny bar in Madrid. Sugar is strictly optional.